Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28th, 2009

Last day of Summer. Oh the pain. Had to be the best summer for me by far!

It was hot today, it rained 5 minutes ago, it's nice with a cool breeze now, blue sky, black and white dog munching on my shoe, Radiohead pumping in my ears. Oh how i love them, fuck Radiohead is good.

Oh man now my brother is outside, ruining my peace. He's making that sound i hate.. that continuous.. breathing sound.

I can smell my neighbours curry dinner, every night it finds its way up my nostril to ruin my star gazing/bug eating me - me time.

My dog keeps walking over my legs. I feel like taking photos, I want to go to the beach, Now.

But no, i'm going to sit here, listening to my Radiohead, thinking of my ibz and watching my brother break windows cos he can't control the ball with a tennis racket.

It's 7.12pm, the last summer sunset should come in an hour, i'll wait.

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