Friday, April 3, 2009


I get told that my brain is pretty special every now and again. Someone even wrote it on the whiteboard at my school this one time (no it wasn't me). Now i've been thinking alot about brains and stuff right at this current time in my life, which has lead me to this conclusion:

If people really understood who we are and what we're all capable of, they would stand up as a mark of respect whenever we entered a room. Our words would be recieved in a reverent hush, our insights cherished. Not that we'd want any of that adulation. We'd be embarrassed by it.

But lets be realistic, no one will ever know the true extent of our abilitlies. No one can know now that we may have the power to save the world from MASS DESTRUCTION!! Yes, that's right women, mass destruction. Now there are always some people who must ruin this saving of the world. I don't know what i'm talking about now, but uhhhhhhh I feel like watching the first season of heroes. It was the only good season.

Thanks for ruining my 15 seconds of smartness you homosapiens.

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