Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Postcards From Tiny Islands

I never understood how someone can taste so good, always. Never a hint of anything else but heaven. Close my eyes before something bad happens. Shall we? Elope. Fold your hands on your lap and turn that head of yours towards my own. Without hesitation, before your eyelids begin to flutter open. Let me kiss you without all the hair in mouth, seat-upright, control digging in -- paranoia.

It's been a while since i've heard this song. You're the only one who sings along. There are some things you will never be able to forget, I wish I could write it down. Give you a glimpse, a teaser, trailer - of two bodies filled with light, and say my name. Burn deep, I want to see it everytime I undress, I will see it, for the rest of my life.

You put it there - thank you

But I can't, there are no words for it.

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