Friday, February 12, 2010


Ruin the floor with dents, dents in the laptop and dents in your hands and lips. It's too long, it catches around and does nothing good. What good could come from it, you can't expect something else to not lead on after this. The aftermath and the expectations. The pity and self-doubt.

All is happening for a reason, the rain isn't falling because it's routine, it has to. What if it doesn't, how long do you want to build it up. Everything will burst. Not all kids like balloons. Some are terrified by the inflation process. See the air go in, what if it bursts?

Deep within. Afraid of going that step too far. Put yourself in a position where there's no going back but not much going forward, either. Play it safe until sooner or later, temptation overpowers us and we start pushing our luck again. What could possibly go wrong? The possibilities are endless.

A burst bubble is a burst bubble, whether you prick it with a pin or shatter it with a hammer. Eventually it will do it by itself if you take no action. Take the option that gives you at least some control.

Unreliability. So too, is the precarious nature of this position.

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