Monday, March 1, 2010

Skip Divided

You're gone and you're gone again. Stop kidding around, it's over for the last time. It's enough for everyone. Things will settle faster whether you want it to or not. It's happening and nothing will change anything anymore.

Don't take anything less than you need. If you're not intending to honour your promises then don't make them. You're unreliability is bugging me, everything is to my advantage.

I'm turning over every night and a huge disappointment. It's one person but one person could be any person, every person. Was I not what you expected? This is almost but not quite. This is wondering why.

Who really knows you, who really wants to know you? Do you even want someone to know? It's okay. I'm the person who will do anything to get close to you. Or was. I'm still here and I won't be laying down any time soon.

You'll wrap your arms around me and i'll be so angry with you and in my eyes nothing will be. The fairytales have died, everyone has a role. All you think about is sex over the rainbow I guess. When was the last time you felt something. Pick up my books and put them back down. I don't want anyone else reading them and knowing the same story.

Laughing collaboration mixed in with no more lies, just words. Blow on your coffee, it's too hot. Line after line, bed after bed, kiss the boys and make them cry. Smile at your cats, hide the sadness. Music you once loved plays, once will never be back. Evrything is just a memory, everything brings back memories. I am much louder in my silence, why can't I just shut up?

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