Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We know all about you

I'm inclined to considering consequences before implementing solutions. There are no solutions. Your determination to set a high standard is foolish when clearly you have none. Sometimes we have to do what we don't want to do in order to discover it's the right thing.

My biggest concern is misplaced on the bedroom and bathroom floor. Check one last time that you really must do it. I don't like the answers I'm beginning to acquire, they've been there all along. I've spent so much time wondering about an issue, I've grown comfortable with the uncertainty. Turn out the lights and whisper something special in my ear. I've heard it all before, your hands just may be a bit more careful this time. If you aren't intending to honour your promises, don't make them.

Wipe the surface clean and nothing will appear damaged, speak of it no more. No one will know. Those who do know don't matter. There are more important things than letters composed in sequence with no order whatsoever. The polish will chip off again tomorrow and it'll still be fixed. Day in day out, the days go slow when your head is throbbing, you'd expect better.

Sleeping for an hour and then waking, repeat it constantly for a day. Turn over and into the green slumber, no one wants to touch or see or feel. No one will have to, I can do these sorts of things on my own.

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