Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Falling Away

We were all dragged through the mud yet you were the one and only who came out dirty. No self respect or respect in any sense. I'll sit down. Speak to another and eat with another. I'll meet another and wish that you believe in Jesus so we could marry. Move away after the build up and long to come back. These are all mistakes that i'm enjoying and looking back on. Things can't change and never will. Some people just don't learn. That's the main problem.

Your haven't been replaced, you've been removed. Why would you want to replace someone you've gotten rid of? There's a reason they're out you stupid cliche's. No amount of sorry's will ever do. Give up and cry to someone else. They'll pretend to care and you can say you've moved on. No pity whatsoever.

Keep on trying to remember and nothing will be lost. Burn burn burn.

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