Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Shortened not long ago, control it, maintenance. Stop wanting to do things, improvising is so much easier, you want too much even though it's nothing at all. A few words and some time to listen, one step infront of the other.

I don't want to. I'd rather want the words and want to listen.

Moving the fuck on, the wind was marvellous and the views matching. Everyday is change and new and so carefree.

I love. Change your attire three or four times, it's for yourself, fuck. Why always with the questions? Let me be, i'm enjoying myself. Run around in circles and slip off trees. Fall into arms and fall onto faces, someone will always help you up. Help yourself one day. You'll find that you may be less confused. Stupid.

It'd be better if the scratches were heard from the room next, i'd know the rhythm and laughter after it and i'd join in and begin the chase. The only chase worth joining in to. Ears and nose and toes and ears from grin to grin. This is it and this is how I like it.

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