Friday, May 28, 2010


It's important to have and leave. What are you laughing at? I only have three left. We didnt even know her last name, not for a whole month and it's too late for that now. Your echo's are hilarious and yes I can do this because even the accomplished high rope acrobats practise close to the ground.

I'm just going to see who else is here, it's late already and the company isn't my favourite. My hair was like this, in a bun and running down my neck, tucked under my shirt. It's double digits Gina, double that.

She hugged this man and his hat fell off, you look very much like her. He's got a tattoo or something, it looks terrible. No colours, I like colours, I like artistic patterns and images and greys, always the greys.

They wouldn't stop singing. Put your head in this plastic bag, your hair won't get wet. I promise and I always keep my promises. Is that also apart of it? Her uncle said it would be. Your family sounds horrible. I'm sorry but that's not right. None of what you say seems to be right.

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