Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dauphin

Continue through all the followings. Think it over, it'll run through constantly, subconsciously. Nothing can be changed or laughed about in the same way ever. Don't fix that accent but do believe everything they say from each side and every story. Piece a puzzle only you can imagine with parts that don't want to be found yet they'll be lurking right underneath the next.

I'm skeptical, always, but that does no harm. Malopropriate, humour me. It isn't in the dictionary though I believe it should so i'll put it in my own and laugh at those who don't understand. Humour me, you don't need to do much, just your eyes on the base of my neck. I watch as you follow.

Shooting stars and bats and the planes and the reds greens blues and whites and blacks and my favourite greys. The creeks and the creaks and the turning which is sharp.

Create small talk wherever you go, i'm ready and ready for more and what I want is mine and what I don't want or need is long gone. No need for repair, everything is fixed and as it should.

Gulp it down and laugh it out. From my mouth to yours - it is what it is.

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