Saturday, May 29, 2010

My best friend is you

Some opinions need too much evaluating. I'll leave that for the private conversations, the police and the private. yes Metric is in my mind, fingerprinted waiting for the train. I won't post it anywhere or mass message it or say it in a speech in assembly. I left that for the widely held opinions. If I tell you, you will think the same and make others believe you feel that way about these sorts of things. Stop kidding yourself. Grow up and stop trying to be like someone else. So fucking annoying and so fucking obvious. I don't like swearing but it's the easiest way to emphasise things. There's one you can use too.

Keep things for the private conversations because this is where the learning begins. Explained in whatever tone and using whichever words are suited at that moment. I can say the same story over and over again but it will be told differently each time. Some deserve to know the best bits, the funniest and the horrible. Some make you feel so comfortable you forget why you began talking in the first place and how we got to where we are now.

I enjoy finding these things about you. New things and familiar, the similar and wonderful. It's amazing and you are amazing. There's nothing there but so much here. What's been lost is lost forever. I'll just read a book instead, I finished the last and need to borrow some more. Send me your collections and i'll leave a box at the front for easy drop down access for those capable. Left me in the street. I might have almost been crushed by a semi-trailer but the look on his face was priceless. You'll never listen to me anyway. You never listen to anyone.

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