Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I wondered whether it was flesh or bone, you've always been the quiet talker. Never stop yet never heard. Underneath covered in grins, this isn't make believe. Roll it off and scrub it out because this won't be here for you the next time. The right amount of light and lack of whatever else. No becoming, we are already here, this stage and these keys. I'll take you home if you like, the walls are dark and the roof is cold. Get off the chair and engulf that face in these cottons. Just won't do. Why won't it do, would you like some more? No, please, i'm quite fine. But

Resignate, lack of activity. The end is here for you, another day is here, when, where, you'll be needed. I won't follow suit like the jacks and nines. I hate the in-betweens, the and's, and the or's. Stop your fucking sentence, your voice is straining, plus I hate to swear yet nothing ever better fits nowadays. You'll know what I mean tomorrow in your next appointment.

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