Monday, May 17, 2010

She's so Hard

Out of the blue, not so much frustration, more of a want. I will and again, the next and the last have no comparisons. You wanted it, you got it. God I am so good at this. You should know what a smart ass I am by now yet your tongue remains close by. Eyes on the prize, smallest amounts you can imagine. Inch by inch, because centimetres won't do. There's nothing filtering anything now, just you and me, bare and no in betweens. Form an argument over the water not distilled. A dollar perhaps?

I have seen so many stars. I wish I could share this with a friend i've always loved yet don't see very often. I don't have one or two or four but i'll still wish. The ones who understand know exactly what I mean. For the record, i've got this smile both the angels or the devils don't like. Wait your turn, you've always been the only one who sings along. No one else could ever learn these words to this imperfect beat. This is where we find ourselves.

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