Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You know the answer so I won't even begin to ask. I know you know, I can hear it with each sound you make. I'm not saying it out loud, not even in my own company. It may open up opportunities before the last course has been swiped clear. It isn't so much the fear of change or of opinions of those who won't ever matter. It isn't anything that can ever be worded out, it's the process that you subconsciously go through. You don't have to know how you got here, adventure is marvellous. Get lost and run free.

This is just how things will remain, enjoy it as much as you possibly can, while it lasts - who knows for how long. Too many turns and unexpected revelations. Don't expect a thing, we all know you'll be lead straight to disappointment. Like these qualities and try to change what you don't.

New edition, that's funny and that's not her name. It's a farewell you idiot, plus, you're not even in my class. I don't know anyone, if you had or if you knew, it'd be embarassing. She just shrieks like like like no, her hair, so many of them. The chicks highlights, she had an operation and they told her that she couldn't have a baby. Are you serious?

Wow, look at this, her whole memory is blank, she always has a story. Always thinking of just yourself. Not this one, I think I know. That's the one that got held up. Did you see it? She was a little girl and now they're all having a massive fit. He'd hug her from behind but she'd push him away. Stop doing that. Turn around and grab him and stop messing around. Tell him how you feel. fuck him off or fuck him. It isn't hard. There's different kinds and i've lost a million pins, i always used to say i'd store them safely, every time.

Next day it's her wedding, why would you tell me that? I do it on purpose to see you get angry, it's a ridiculous concept. This is all ridiculous and doesn't make sense to any of you. I'd hate to have a guy like that. So boring, get out or get in, get in deep and get hurt. You might realise a few things you're long overdue for.

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