Thursday, June 24, 2010


Trying to pull someone down requires you to already be there. Trying, trying, trying. Hopes and dreams and yours are lost and gained and fiddled with. We think we know how things are supposed to be. You don't know anything and you won't know anything. None of this will ever have to be re-lived thank the good lord. Everything phases you. Here's the key, throw it in the lake and watch it never return.

This won't return, no one wants to return. Suck it up and blow it out. I've already told you how much of an asshole I can be. Every dog has it's day and the others will laugh and laugh with howls. This isn't diamonds, this is passing blood. Entertainment for you all, sometimes it's a dollar and sometimes it's more.

I feel good. It's cold outside.
I ate pasta and it flicked up onto my cheek.
I've been so happy lately. These are tear jerking times.
Fucking stop with the bullshit. Do you fear for your health?
Never tried nothing at all.

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