Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Til tomorrow

If you give it all you've got you'll have nothing more to give. Say anything they'd never expect to hear. Say it to yourself and say it to the people you know by name, they aren't all your friends. You have hardly anyone you can call an actual friend. It's better that way. Let few in and fewer will come out. When it's in, it's in good. Stop laughing, she's trying and she isn't from here yet she's smarter than you could ever imagine.

The branches shudder beneath those claws. She's still going but this wind is inviting me, I can't just refuse. Sway and sway, a bit of water, summer will come and the plunges will begin. Five with the rise and eight with the set. Hold hands and jump high, hold faces and hold sand. This is what we're waiting for, this is what i'm waiting for. I want to fill my bag with the usuals, it was routine, twice a week, whoever is ready is there, no waiting and no plans. Run and fake your accent, the hills are high and the bags are heavy. I just wanted one nice photo, just one and you couldn't do that for me. I lent you my camera for the entire day. I don't want your prize, I don't want to be your friend, I just want to be your lover.

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