Thursday, July 15, 2010


Begin to sing away. Shoulder always and hymns which couldn't be referred to in the same way again. Too much is behind it all and these creases on the edge of my mouth mean nothing but wonders. I was all alone and you weren't so far, used to the loose pyjamas and warm socks. Open windows even for a short while, the excitement is enough to change it all. They say we are made mostly of water, i'm floating and this is all an ocean. Notes which stick and an audience of four who won't ever understand.

Matches for fire and papers that burn. Spread like wild and stretch out as far as those eyes can see. Dreams and catching of thoughts and memories which aren't as detailed as we'd hope. Never will be. Only so much people can say to relive things and it's never enough. Long and learn, pretend and go over. You blew my mind. Right right right. Rolling and filthy. I won't tell anyone what I know and what i've seen.

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