Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bang Bang Bang

It's Saturday, 10th of July, 2010. Time flies. One to go and then it's passed on, Three in waiting, eager and patient. Just say the words and it's done. There's the best you've ever had and there is you. I shake a little. The fire has finished and she pokes it with all the long sticks. Snap and search. Blow it out. Where do I begin? White diamonds on gold, white teeth, small chips. Ruined black over red without all the broken glass. The ocean didn't lie when it whispered all those things. Shoulders and hips, goosebumps and shivers, we will all forgive you.

That was all she wanted.
and that was all she got.

Your hair straightened the longer it was out. You're always quitting but the money will never stay. Full of shit the majority of the time and I miss nothing. You started lying because it got you to a place you thought you wanted to be. Pick up the books and put them back down. Nothing interests you these days.

Seal the envelopes with your tongue. You know there's a lot to get through, no one will help you. No one wants to help you. This time I keep quiet.

Doesn't ever have to be about someone. Just words so don't ask. Chances are they might. Perhaps and perhaps. I used to keep my door closed all the time. It's open half way now, until I sleep, then it'll shut.