Saturday, July 17, 2010

Town of sorrow

Lies, denial and complete idiocy. Bringing up things which don't matter. Not making sense and making things up. Excuses can only get you so far. Truth always comes out and you are fucking stupid for attempting such things with me. Blinded and a yes on the second meet. Fucking stupid, no regrets but so many fucking missed chances and memories and living of fucking life. Waste of time. Can't handle confrontation. Always and every single fucking time something bad is occurring, have some sympathy, maybe I won't go down on you as hard as you know you deserve. Fuck off, you should know i'm used to this by now. One year and the shit keeps rolling in. Disgusting and typical.

Only hope is you can keep lying to yourself instead of those close around you. I'm so fucking happy and have found so much greater. Funny how you don't need this shit but you're still reading on. Sorry about your parents but there's only so much you can do for others before starting on yourself. I've told you before but i'll have to tell you again, stop lying. This isn't for me or because I want to be your friend. I don't want to be anything to you, ever, this is for everyone else. Your new girl who will deal with the same shit unless you stop. You know it all so fucking face up to it. Your parents and your close friends. Fucking stop. Exaggerations and improvising with lies doesn't work with you. Fucking stop. You bring this shit upon yourself. "Ok I thank u x"

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