Friday, July 30, 2010

While we're young

It was top dollar, the only dollar you'd notice. Neptune and Mars, i'll put them in a line for you. You'd appreciate it wouldn't you? You'd thank those wouldn't you? Trying times, a month or more and it can't happen again after this. If you didn't have feelings you could think clearer and operate more efficiently. This is what's wonderful and worse.

Stop with the urgent need to know what's going on. I'll never tell you. Study the books and presume the most, tell everyone the secrets, spill and surge with it's forceful flow. Keep it for yourself. Don't tell it all with nothing left to gain. This currency gives you a happier face and the only source too. I'm sorry I don't make it obvious but if I spoke of the truth too much would be revealed. It's likely you'll keep making progress though.

Colouring for a few minutes and you've had enough. The dolls are gone and the rooms have all changed, this is nothing like I left it. Interrupted and lost train of thought. Introduce the first half and i've had enough so half of it was ripped out so the cats could play, forgot it all already.

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