Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last day of winter with fingers on tongues. Be careful waving your arms, this cup is full. Happily away you go with the occasion for laughs. Nothing that hasn't happened before, aways with the wind.

The windows were rolled down and all hair was out, down, caught and bitten. Excitement with the coming weeks, what's to come and what to look forward to. Expectations and knowing. The times have changed and things have passed us by and it's all gone too quick. Where to go from here? Day in and day out nothing changes, satisfaction and happiness and cheeks aching of smiles. Press your fingers into the dimples and place circles around your eyes.

This has always been for fun and nothing more. Live, learn and get hurt along the way. Get back up and do it all again. This is how we experience, no fear of trying, of attempting what's been heard of before. You can survive anything. Capable of this and so much more, i know i constantly repeat that but it's too fucking true. Think before you act but not too much, be realistic, make light of every single situation, don't think about things that won't matter and don't matter.

Last day of winter and the clothes are getting lighter, lack of and skin shown. This was great and the clothes and the whites. Mid drift and long legs. Crunches lunges and whatever other attempt you make. Wash and flip, it's all coming. Underwater with the fish eye and plans to scream about. I love this with you. I love love love love. The last day of winter with fingers on tongues. Vim, vigour, vitality. It's already begun.

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