Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blue Monday

You do and you don't. Eye contact is avoidable and the criticism is constructive. Take things too personally. The luck is good and in the minds is bad, we all want the same thing, all feed off the same food all aim for the same price range. Strive and receive, can't expect much with those attitudes. Prove you wrong, the sky has never been the final limit. Shoot into space and ride a star, four leaf clovers and tears into six. Everything has turned out and i'm laughing along the way. Nothing to be worried about, passing, flying colours and ears with the wind.

A failed attempt to relate to an audience, majority rules and hand games where the sequence has been lost. I keep them in the backs of books and under tissue boxes where they flatten and snap shut. Turned upside down and at the same time. Grab faces, squeeze and shove. Throw and howl. This is too good to say using words.

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