Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't let it out

When they try to drive it into you, try to make you spill it all out. There is no way to show you or describe it. I can show only one person and no matter how much i want to tell it to the rest of the world i can't and i won't. Self control and keeping your voice down when it's been close to an hour.

Thinking back on how things were and how they seemed perfect. Horrible, madness, madness, madness. Things can and always do get better. Every day another smile, each week some new friends. Each moment wanting to be stored. Try to find the right place and the right way to retain so much information. Photographic memories and logical answers to the questions we've always been asking.

Differences and through years of understanding it will not change. This isn't meant for you. This is meant for me. 7.42pm and i'll be out. Today, yesterday, tomorrow and the days after. Too much to document, not enough time. Not enough chances.

Still so much to do. Still enjoy every minute. Still miss you after every goodbye. Still squeal at the site of you and skip before the run. Jumping off rocks and taking the plunge, probably midday and being swung around at midnight. I am thankful for it all and i need a new pair of shoes.

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