Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Houses

Lulled into a false sense of security, words for you and area of knowledge. Certain things can't be marked, nor calculated. The degree and depth of ones mental capacity can not be measured no matter the pressures you place them under. Seeing things turn for the better right in front of you.

Mountains and valleys and fast falls off the cliffs edge. This is how we go by, this is another turn, another rock we've slid across as if it were covered in ice. Ups and downs, look forward to it all. You learn from it all and get past it as soon as you stop over analysing, over thinking and asking irrelevant questions.

Influential people and doing what you feel. Speaking to strangers with a common face and asking the questions no one can have a similar answer to. These pants have no pockets so your arms feel too long, nothing is noticed anymore. These days your arm is close to grab, the muscles, veins and skin.

Mediocrity at any level will not be tolerated, this is what we're here for. No pondering on the past, there's so much to do and who knows when your time is up.

Pizza is here

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