Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Sorry, Girl

Yes shit happens and it will pass. Compliments masked with colloquial language. Can't seem to see through it, the end of another year. Holes all over the place. I like that when you say those words your eyes dart to my direction and back once it's over. Notice all the small things. Notice the change in tone, the way you'll let your hair grow some days and cut it all off the next.

Certain times i think of you, the strangest times, the what ifs? I know it'll be your usual watch over these lines, you won't understand. I ensure that. Underlying meanings, adjectives without nouns. Why do you need to know the what and how? You are told the most important, and that should already be enough. You've got to find better things to do with your time.

Meet new people, no more friends, meet them and talk to them and find out all they're willing to tell you. Then go back to what you've missed out on, feel the pain, the longing to be somewhere you can't, you know it's all worth it. Enough with the lyrics, you all miss out on this, no bother in telling you, letting you in on all these secrets, all these things that make people feel. It goes unnoticed with you, filtered through your lobes like garbage and pours from your skin beneath the sun. There's so much to do, and he is late. Yesterday i was at the beach with friends.

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