Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm not quite sure as to whether I like how I look here. Whatever, today I woke up at 11:58am and I can't remember what happened in my dream. It's like the more I try to remember it, the more it hides away from me. The sun was out today, thank god, it's been raining for a while and my tan is fading rapidly. It was good to get some of that afternoon heat over my body and speak to my lover boy at the same time, sitting in the backyard with my dog. Yes my sentences are going gramatically too long but whatever, i'm happy with myself and I tend to do that alot cos I speak really fast when I talk about things I know about so I would myself say all this with no hesitation.

ha, i'm listening to Ratatat, they sound so good to me tonight. Oh by the way, the only reason I know the exact time of my awakening is because lover boy messaged me, oh he's cute. So cute.

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