Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cherry lips

That is so cute... and... kind of weird. Speak what we feel, and not what we ought to say. "Hey gina, thanks for", "It's okay, it really is o-kay." I have to speak to him. I've got one more to do, my last one was so long and i'm not sure it makes any sense. It doesn't but her friend told her it did. The smaller one climbed over the table with her plait above her forehead stretching over the edge of her hairline. We're moving now and i've been comfortable. How much questions have you did? People don't know which words to use, their tense is all muddled up. It's what i'd expect from my mother. No gloves so the jumpers are pulled down and over each knuckle, clutched to cease any wind from entering. It never works but the movement must bring some sort of heat energy. Shivering makes you warmer. They don't let anyone in or out, yeah, that's enough. I don't get it though, just the basics i've read up on. It really is enough.

I sneezed a lot today, more than six times.

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