Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't speak

This was my reaction. He asked how I found him and I answered "through friends", knowing he never meant it in such a way. "No, how do you find me?" "I don't find you at all." She spoke of how he was much better looking than her and any other person she's been in close contact with. She was shy and told her friends she wasn't good enough, lost hope. I watched her get hurt as she watched him with all others. So many others is so unattractive. Sometimes i'm not sure with the high percentages why I was once. You don't and tell, you don't. I'll probably have to apologise one day, for now i'll watch things roll on by in hope that the cycle begins and ends each time. This sounds like it's rhyming, I promise it isn't supposed to. I must really be in some deep though for that to occur, you don't understand this. If you think this is about you chances are that it is. This is how I like it.

I'm sitting in the sun with my feet tapping on the wood in front of me. This seat has poor support, i'm leaning far too much backwards. Everything has poor support. I want to lay on your back with my arms folded beneath my head until you decide to turn over and i'll fall to your side. I'll laugh and hold your face, i'm sorry my hands are cold. Don't speak, I know just what you're thinking. So much of this is conflicting. I just want some of you.

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