Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I can't blame it on you. For some reason I have no idea. All of the songs you know have such nice names. What are you doing, i've already opened that one. It looks better like that. It feels nice now, just get used to it. Look. I was going to tell you that she's really pretty but these sorts of things ruin it for her.

Your battery is going to die, I guess that's a good thing. Is everything alright? It's so quiet. I always wanted to say that, you know, from that commercial? It's so good, some things are so good you wish it were your own. take the merit a different way. I really need to catch up. She says 'like' all the time, it suits her accent but it doesn't stop me from wanting to teach her some new words, a thesaurus perhaps? Oxford dictionaries are a good keepsake.

And the next thing you know, ladies. It's funny, have you noticed what i'm doing? Oh that's why no one's here. I invited you all over and you said yes and only two have said maybe so far. Stare at her, she's trying to figure out what you think of when you see her and how you feel when she turns your way and meets your eyes with that smile, her smile. She does that for you, you know. Let her know it all. If you want, just go home. "I want to go."

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