Saturday, July 3, 2010

Through the Clover

Hum the smoke away like bad photographs. You'd been every person and not one of them fits. The calls pile up and you wanted to be alone - you hate being alone. The final seconds of untangling a horrible knot.

I had lost myself again. She cried so he snapped a photo and she cried even more. You can only care so much about these people. With only ten fingers you can't expect much more than this. For an hour they'll follow me around. Do your own thing. It's like when you were losing track of time, I was treasuring every second. Every line means something yet I can't deal with you. I hate the sky suddenly darkening and not knowing. This isn't enough but there is no more. Well dressed and common sense. The parents and those handsome. In the corner of my eye - don't ever leave.

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