Friday, August 13, 2010

Go outside

You ask where she is so you can be free to speak. This is all pretending with the lies overlapping, everyone's a liar and everyone follows. Easily influenced and no holding on to thoughts. No basis for opinions, superiority gains most approval, it isn't agreement, it's fucking pleasing and conformity and you and bullshit. Nothing is apparent and nothing ever will be with these thick skulls wrapped in layers of over spoken sewer.

With a rocket into space you'd drop out and be expected to swim. Just a friend of mine and that's all you want to be. No one owns up to anything anymore, the balls are lost and rolling far downhill. Whoever gets hit first is out. Assume and fucked up perceptions, no one cares, no one wants to care, no one will listen and no one needs to listen, it's alright though - your minds aren't capable of actually listening. Strange with unexpected goodbyes, this was always going to happen and will forever repeat itself. Same faces, new faces, same words, reasons, lies, threats, grow the fuck up. There are more important things than this.

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