Tuesday, August 10, 2010


You don't matter, you've given up. Reading books they want to get a hold of and whispers and looks and nudges. None of it goes unnoticed. Strain the cords, they've been placed there for reasons and this is here to stop the door from slamming against the wall. Sit and slide, the paint comes off and this turn was made horribly to begin with. Layers, it comes through. Don't hide from it and suck up like you've been taught. It's possible to live by other means without these people that play these games. You analyse, you don't play and search for reactions and actions. Just watch it unfold. Nothing like the wings on an insect caught with the threads. Horrible and you have to reach around to do the old get out the front through the back. Jumping, holding, hoping and no prayers. This is how it's been. They're still tiny and I'd like to keep it in my pocket but that's there for other reasons.

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