Friday, August 6, 2010


Anything he wants and everything he wants. It sounds about right. Drive around in circles, countless with sways. Turnings and thoughts and words you've only ever thought of. This isn't really out loud but these sounds are echoing and it's hurting the top part. Should walk up those stairs slower the next time without the need to grasp so tightly. I just wanted to and i couldn't.

Waited all this time and the ends of these nerves aren't feeling a thing anymore. This isn't the main street you wanted to be apart of, you aren't even able to talk like you used to with me. Never be alive as you once were. Shit, get it over with. You're about ready now and this music is far from terrible. Nobody wanted this, not any of it, later on the fog will pass as will the time and none of this had been worth it. Stop that. Nobody in particular, you are the particular and i'd slam into many curbs but the front left would sustain it all. Each time.

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