Thursday, April 9, 2015

Post Easter Celebrations

last day of the long weekend:

be committed but don't act committed or mention anything that could represent long term anything. stop eating lollies so often. it's not attractive so do whatever it takes to be attractive because that's all that's expected of you. what do you get back? nothing. think about every word you say and how you say it focus on your tone your pitch the speed. no one can be cute or make you feel giggly and excited because then you'll become annoying. the way you speak stresses me out stop yelling all the time you yell at me always. you have no interests no hobbies you do nothing you're boring we have nothing in common i don't care about your work i don't care about your friends i don't care about your dog or your nail polish. how long are you supposed to listen to someone tell you that you're nothing good. not very long. have to cry to get a good kiss around here. what's with the long build up?

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