Thursday, August 7, 2014


the final push to get the highest to get somewhere before another beats you to it. make plans to put in as much as you've got but reality chases after and runs you down. find passions and do things which make you happy. yourself. not because others will be happy for you.

notepad in the side of my car door for drive-time lists. learn to cook, read more, make an effort with make-up and feel better on the inside when i believe i look better on the outside. don't waste money that you've worked for. saving for europe. saving for better clothes. buy meaningful presents for friends because you notice and care for them.

spent 70 dollars today to cook a meal at 3.30pm. "gina it isn't lunch or dinner time yet". doesn't matter. spontaneity. if it feels right and gets the blood racing, it's probably worth doing (paraphrased  mr h. s. thompson). if it feels wrong then stop. don't ever let yourself think that being uncomfortable is something you have to cope with. adjust and make waves in your life. positive mind invites positivity into your life.

stress less. if you put in the work you get the results. don't be so hard to love. let me adore you a little.

feel good with this :)

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